Perry/Reece Casting has cast over 100 feature films and over 300 television projects, receiving many awards and honors for their work along the way. Some of their most noted movies are “Cocoon”, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Ordinary People”, “Midnight Express”, “Young Guns”, “The Jerk” and “Time Cop”.

They’ve discovered many talented people including Michele Pfeiffer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Heather Graham, Judge Reinhold, Daryl Hannah, Mila Jovovitch, Dennis Quaid, Diane Lane, Linda Hamilton, Steve Guttenberg, Fred Savage, Robin Wright Penn, Timothy Hutton, Peter Gallagher, Elizabeth McGovern, Patrick Dempsey, Armand Assante, Brad Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel Ward and Kelly McGillis to name a few.

This new micro-site, designed in concert with our friends at Active Submissions, gives a quick overview of their considerable catalog of casting credits and the team that carries out this work. There’s a full credit list, divided by type of project, and a great casting reel with memorable moments from many of the films they’ve worked on. The reel is placed in a player that auto-detects the bandwidth of each site visitor and serves up video tuned to their connection, assuring a great viewing experience no matter what the connection.

The site is designed in a single window format around a funny old photograph, which is placed in a simple picture frame and “mounted” on a concrete wall. The neutral, earthy hues let the content and reel shine, and the quirky look speaks right to the unique place Perry/Reece holds in the industry and their singular perspective.