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01 Nov: Twitter Keeps On Making The News. In More Ways Than One.

Tweet All About It! Tweet All About It! Here at the official blog of Amplitude Digital, we’ve been writing a good bit about Twitter lately. And with good reason. After all, the wildly popular and increasingly innovative micro-blogging social media platform we all know as Twitter recently entered into groundbreaking, game-changing…

13 Sep: Twitter Tips, Tricks and Tidbits

For Amplitude Digital, 2013 has been an interesting, informative, successful and very, very busy year. Among other exciting activities and developments, there have been new client partnerships formed, a variety of SEO, PPC and social media-focused ebooks published, and many, many conferences and conventions to attend, exhibit and speak at….

19 Jun: Why Every PR Person Should Become An SEO Master

PR stands for Public Relations. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Two completely different acronyms. Comprised of totally different letters. And two entirely different things, altogether. Right? Well…maybe not. Especially here in 2013 America. One thing PR people have traditionally done – with varying degrees of skill and success…