Google Penalty Assessment | Digital Marketing Agency - Amplitude Digital

Many of our clients come to us because of an unexpected (and sometimes drastic) organic traffic drop. Google and the other search engines are tweaking their algorithms constantly, and even ethical companies who have tried diligently to meet Google standards in their SEO and back linking can experience puzzling issues.

If you think your traffic is suffering from a Google penalty, we can uncover and fix it. It is more than the major updates, like Google Penguin or Panda, but even the minor tweaks that can arrive more than once per month. Depending on your unique web presence, search engine strategy and backlinks, you might see a sharp downward spike while your competitor sees a jump. Any company is vulnerable to these changes, which can have a costly impact with lost customers and revenue.

Some common issues we see every day are:

  • Google penalties: Penguin, Panda or manual actions
  • Mobile-unfriendliness
  • Seasonal impacts: holidays, etc
  • Crawl issues
  • Robots.txt
  • IP blocks and other on-page issues
  • Malware

Recovering your ranking position is possible, but it must be done as quickly as possible. Our SEO Penalty assessment service will pinpoint all the factors that might be out of line with Google’s most recent best practice guidelines and killing your own rankings. We can erase the negative effects of past “grey hat” SEO practices and questionable backlinks that are getting harder and harder to hide every day.

We work with your technical staff with actionable strategies and a road to recovery that will turn your penalty into a positive for your company.