We use industry “white-hat” best practices for building increasing keyword rankings on Google, Microsoft/Bing, Yahoo and other smaller niche search engines. We use techniques proven to increase domain authority, including strategic keyword targeting, competitive analysis, strengthening on-page ranking factors (content, architecture, performance and indexability), and growing off-page ranking factors including link building.

When we first engage, emphasis is placed on correcting technical issues that hinder search engine rankings and completing all necessary foundational work for long-term SEO success.

This includes:

  • Optimizing and writing metadata including title tags, description tags, h1 and h2 tags, audit content and make url recommendations
  • Auditing web properties for crawl issues and potential Google penalties
  • Ensuring websites are indexed properly with search engines, generating and submit site maps as necessary
  • Fixing canonical and duplicate content issues

Going forward:

  • Identify the most valuable SEO keywords for your company to target, including both high volume and mid & long tail keywords that are less competitive and costly
  • Generate high-quality backlinks
  • Conduct content marketing activities such as blog posts, videos and page content that can maximize search engine appeal
  • Provide complete real-time Dashboard Portal to view analytics and results

Your website is likely to rank higher and capture more search traffic from the sources where your best leads come from.