4 PPC Tactics for Digital Marketers

As a business owner or SEM Manager, you are likely tied to strict financial goals.  As such, marketers need to constantly be applying tactics that can have a more immediate effect on existing programs to help better our results within the same budget.  While results may vary, below are, in my opinion, some important strategies that every paid search marketer should be using.


Tip 1: Keyword Growth

When running a campaign it is important to continuously add new keyword from reliable sources.  This might include places such as the searches done within a websites search bar, or popular organic search terms that bring traffic to your site.

While you might be thinking that this may cannibalize your organic CTR, there is actually a much more important factor to consider, which is the fact that people who see both your ad and organic listing on the same page may be more likely to click through on either your ad or organic listing.  A past Google study touched upon this concept in an article here.

Some might feel that this is just common sense (1 + 1 = 2). The idea is that by showing up multiple times in SERPs you will actually be creating a situation where 1 + 1 = 2.2 or more.  This by no means is guaranteed and will need to be tested on a case by case basis but when it does work the ROI might be worth the reward.  You can continue reading about this concept on an article Rand Fishkin authored on the Moz blog by clicking here.


Tip 2: Remarketing Lists

Remarketing lists serve ads to your site visitor once they leave your website and visit additional websites within the Google display network.  This can allows your ad to follow people around the web to help increase your chances of converting a user.  One of the nice things about remarketing ads is that each list can be created based on certain criteria.  Each list can then have specific ads that better target your audience.


Tip 3: Voice Search

Voice search has been gaining popularity. According to Google, 20% of mobile queries are being done using voice search.  Another source, is predicting that by 2020 screen-less searches will account for 30%.

For marketers looking to benefit from voice search, here are a few ways voice queries may differ from text based searches:

  • Voice generally has longer search phrases
  • Question phrases may be more prevalent in natural language
  • Intent may be more clear
  • Highly local


Tip 4:  Landing Pages

Sometimes we get so lost in our AdWords account that we forget that there is a website these ads are leading visitors to.  Don’t forget the age old saying that “Content Is King.”  It is a good idea to take a look at your current landing pages and see if you can better optimize them or better format them for conversions.   The message on your landing page should align with the message in your ads.  They should complement each other.  In addition, every landing page should have a clear call to action on both desktop and mobile.

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