Herbal Supplements PPC Case Study | Digital Marketing Agency - Amplitude Digital


Dr. Schulze SuperFood, Detox & Cleansing Herbal Remedies was looking to grow online sales utilizing PPC ads. While having some success through the first half of the year, they wanted to accelerate growth through the remainder of the year, without increasing their monthly ad spend.


In the second half of the year, we were able to outperform projections, without increasing spend. Year over Year revenue was up 54%.

Developed Responsive LP to Improve Conversion

There was a large volume of traffic from visitors on mobile phones going to the online store, but the user experience was so poor, the conversion rate on mobile was six times lower than desktop. By creating mobile-friendly landing pages for the website’s most popular pages, we were able to improve conversion rates, leading to an expected bump in sales.

Mobile optimization for SEO

Increase Banner Ad Performance

Remarketing was the most effective online campaign with high conversions and AOV. Click rate however, was lower than industry standards. Increasing CTR would lead to additional sales.

We begin by introducing fresh creative with stronger calls to action. In addition, day parting and defined audience targeting by product was set up.

Facebook Remarketing Ads

To get the brand in front of visitors who did not purchase, we rolled out the AdRoll platform to reach customers and prospects with targeted right hand side ads and native ads in the Facebook News Feed.

Brand vs Non-Brand

Due to the high name recognition, it made sense to take advantage of other platforms to expand into outside of Google. This way we could capitalize on low CPAs.