When it comes to Americans’ online activities and proclivities, there’s still only one No. 1.

Social media.
But you might be surprised to learn which online activity consumed the most amount of time in most Americans’ daily routines in 2013, other than social media.

Many people might have guessed the answer to be online video or search, but those activities both trailed email, which clocked in at a hearty 29 minutes a day, according to an online survey conducted by market research specialists The GfK Group and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on this report, also including an infographic that was created by Statista to colorfuly illustrate and emphasize the report’s interesting and illuminating findings.

In those findings, social networking led the way with a 37-minute daily average among respondents to the IAB-GfK survey, which polled around 5,000 online adults, ranging widely in age from 18 to 64.

Online video and search tied for third behind email, with each activity boasting a 23-minute daily average. Online games came in fifth, clocking in at a 19-minute average.

At Amplitude, we’ve weighed in on email matters more and more lately, marveling at the staggering volume of emails sent and received all around the world, and even daring to address the (gaspsinful side of email use and abuse.

Of course, we’ve also covered a wide range of social media topics, from massive moves by heavyweights Facebook and Twitter to helpful how-to eBooks and much, much more.

We have to saw we’re not surprised to learn that the average American adult spends nearly a full half hour each day on email-associated activities.

We’re also not about to divulge our own average – other than to say that we pride ourselves on being exceptional in all areas, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to this particular pursuit.

The IAB-GfK survey also showed that overall time online continues to spike among Americans, with most of that growth driven by now ever-present and seemingly addictive usage of smartphones and other mobile devices.

After all, as our friends at Penny Stocks Lab recently put it, it is abundantly clear that we are now living in The Golden Age of Mobile.

While emailing and watching online video ranked second and third, respectively, in the survey’s results, the average number of minutes spent on each of those online activities actually declined a bit from the previous year’s numbers.

Online gaming, listening to online radio and, yes, reading blogs all increased, when it came to the daily average amount of time spent on these activities, year-over-year.

Oh, by the way…reading blogs came in fifth in the IAB-GfK survey.

But we wouldn’t mind seeing you help make our very own blog No. 1.

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Thanks for reading. Now get back to your email!

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