One of our awesome clients was having a little trouble with their customer emails getting popped as spam and there were reports of their hard work ending up in the junk pile and never seeing the light of day.  The sucky thing was, they weren’t spamming at all… I mean, at all, at all.

So, they asked me to do a quick audit on their emails, make sure they weren’t black listed, check a few design aspects over, and most importantly ensure that they weren’t saying anything that could be misinterpreted as spam.

There are some great tools out there for checking your domain name against black lists, checking that the design doesn’t set anything off, but I couldn’t find one good list of words that set off the email and junk spam filters.  Sure, there were lists, but they all seemed really short.  So, I created a new one.

The list ended up being one of those cool things that I really want to share with everybody, so I’m going to do just that.  To get it, just visit the free stuff page. The thing is, the client I created it for might get a little weird about it, so I can’t leave it up forever, so run over and get it right now!

You can read the whole list once you get signed up, but the one that really surprised me was the dollar sign (“$”).  I mean, that’s really kind of picky on the spam filters part.  Sure, there is plenty of spam out there for fast money making schemes, but there are also plenty of order confirmations, etc. that use it legitimately.

Leave it to the spammers to screw it up for the straights.

Anyway, enjoy the list and the rest of the info I’ll send out occasionally (really occasionally, promise; I’ve got stuff to do).

– Jeff @ Amplitude

Don’t forget to go visit the free stuff from Amplitude Digital page. Right now we have a big list of common triggers that set of email spam/junk filters and we’re working on much more!

If you feel like your best email marketing work is only seeing the inside of the spam folder, give us a shout and we’ll talk about one of our popular Email Marketing Audits that will put you on the right path to email marketing greatness.

Jeff Ferguson is a Managing Partner of Amplitude Digital, a strategic consulting firm specializing in Internet marketing, and board member of the Los Angeles chapter of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

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