Making Time for Your Brand

Branding culture varies widely from company to company.

Some CEOs are adamant that the quality of the product speaks for itself, while others are invested heavily in cultivating an image.

Regardless of your own company’s particular bias on this issue, talking about the key factors in your brand’s reputation should be a daily habit. Those small pockets of time before and after meetings, in the elevator or over a casual lunch are perfect times to poll employees and visitors about their reflections on your brand.

Need some topics to get started? Here are five great questions as to kickstart your daily brand research:

What is truly different about our brand?

Sometimes the answers may surprise you. Where is your company exploring territory that no other company has tried to explore? Can you lay claim to dominance in any particular domain?

What is the number one thing we admire about our number one competitor?

Take off your competitive jersey for a moment and gaze across the fence with an appreciative eye. Is there something a key competitor is doing that you could do just as well or better? Are there untapped markets that your competitor is dabbling in?

Why do our best customers keep coming back?

Every CEO should make a habit of speaking personally to key customers weekly on this topic. Without this regular contact, it is very difficult to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and truly appreciate their needs.

Also, take notice when key customers relate personal and emotional statements about your company.  These gold nuggets can form the heart of highly engaging promotional campaigns.

What is something that our customers don’t know about us that they should?

Key one ear out at all times for the untold stories in your company. It could be an interesting idea or usage for your product that hadn’t been considered before. Maybe it is a key feature that hasn’t yet been properly used by your customers.

In any case, making these under appreciated features more known and appreciated by your own staff is the first step in spreading the word outside your company.

What do our customers like least about our company?

Not to be negative, but the hard truths about what your company is delivering can be a door opener to some amazing discoveries. Don’t be afraid to let anyone in the company speak on this topic; often lower level staffers are more tuned in to red flags than management.

Even small adjustments in the customer experience can have a huge impact on the throughput of your sales funnel.

Make Every Day a Brand New Day

Make a little time for your brand every day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how it can build your engagement and enthusiasm for your work. It also can have powerful revenue effects for your company.

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