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Helping You Track Meaningful & Measurable Data

Google Analytics has been a cornerstone for businesses worldwide that helps provide detailed insights and measurements that can help define and consistently improve upon your marketing efforts. At Amplitude Digital, we understand the great importance of delivering meaningful and measurable results for our clients, and a paramount aspect of any digital marketing mixture is reliable tracking metrics to better understand your users behavior.

Our Google Analytics strategist are experts in measurement and analysis, and thrive off building accounts that will provide key insights to help better understand user intent and reach your business goals.

We specialize in providing companies full audits of their Google Analytics accounts, as well as assisting in properly building and implementing the service to ensure that your business is obtaining robust data insights your business needs to help reach your unique business goals. Our team of Google Analytics strategists strive to provide easily accessible KPI metrics and actionable intelligence to consistently improve and build confidence in your marketing decisions.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics is robust and incredibly powerful tool that assigns a unique identifier, (tracking pixel), to each person that visits your website, which will follow them through every step of their journey through your website.

This has helped our clients to obtain valuable insights into understanding on-site user behavior, knowing which areas are providing the most value and which areas that can be improved upon to increase and improve upon user experience, and drive more quality leads that convert into sales and reach our clients goals.

Our Google Analytics tracking solutions:

● Account Auditing
● Advanced Implementation
● Custom Goal Settings
● Custom Dimensions & Metrics
● Revenue Tracking
● Analysis & Consulting

Google Analytics Solutions

Tracking and measuring user behavior are critical to ensuring your business’s marketing efforts are leading in the right direction. Our Google Analytics strategist can provide a comprehensive audit of current accounts to ensure that you’re obtaining the right data, provide guidance and insight, organize and strategically structure your account providing you the confidence to dive in and understand your data.

At Amplitude Digital, our Google Analytics strategists specialize in analysis and digging through complex data sets to help define user behavior across your website, and uncover meaningful insights that will help your business grow. We help companies build thoughtful and intelligently structured accounts that will provide key insights towards your business’s unique goals. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive audit and guidance towards utilizing Google Analytics, or needing a dedicated consultant, we have a team of experienced Analytics strategist eager to assist and help your business understand your data.