Data & Analytics

Quality Analysis: Methodical, Data-Driven Intelligence

While some agencies preach “best practices”, at Amplitude we believe each company, their products and services, and target audience are unique. That’s why we always start with reviewing your web analytics and historical results.

Real Time Dashboards

We provide all engaged clients with an exclusive real-time, customized digital marketing dashboard, in addition to providing detailed PDF reports on a regular schedule.

Through our secure online portal, clients can (a) access both Dashboards and Reports; (b) download their Dashboard anytime into a PDF; (c) change date ranges and see the data update in real-time. Any approved employees can be given to access to this secured information.

Our customized dashboard aggregates data from tools like AdWords and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO keyword rankings, email performance, social media results and even phone call tracking. Having this central hub for all your data saves our clients time and often provides insights not available when looking at data individually.