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Voice Search Optimization: What, Why, & How to Prepare Your Site

People used to say that smartphones would never be a legitimate alternative to browsing on a computer. Now about 60% of online searches happen on mobile every day, so of course, companies are now paying attention and optimizing for mobile—late to the game though. The same thing is happening with voice search and voice search […]

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If SEO is Dead, Then It’s a Zombie

If SEO is dead like the plethora of articles tout, then why do I see it walking around the streets of the information superhighway? It’s like a zombie movie starring Matt Cutts. You know, where he issues videos saying SEO techniques that digital marketing strategists use no longer work.

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SEO : Grant Langston is Modern Country Music

The web is a place where smart content strategy coupled with real credibility can turn industries on their ear… there’s no better example than our client Grant Langston.  We built Grant a powerful WordPress-powered, search optimized website last year and helped design a content strategy that makes it easy for him to stay current on […]

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