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If SEO is Dead, Then It’s a Zombie

If SEO is dead like the plethora of articles tout, then why do I see it walking around the streets of the information superhighway? It’s like a zombie movie starring Matt Cutts. You know, where he issues videos saying SEO techniques that digital marketing strategists use no longer work.

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AdWords PPC Data Mining

What tools do you use for finding new opportunities in your AdWords PPC campaign? Most likely you’re using Google Keyword Planner (formerly Keyword Tool), SEMRush, Wordtracker, MOZ, among others. But those are all guesstimates at best. One of the most often overlooked tools in my opinion is your AdWords campaign itself.   Finding New Opportunities […]

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Making Time for Your Brand

Branding culture varies widely from company to company. Some CEOs are adamant that the quality of the product speaks for itself, while others are invested heavily in cultivating an image. Regardless of your own company’s particular bias on this issue, talking about the key factors in your brand’s reputation should be a daily habit. Those […]

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