High-Quality Food Product eCommerce Company

High-Quality Food Product eCommerce Company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising (PPC) Case Study:

This Southern California-based food eCommerce startup approached Amplitude Digital in early 2010, shortly before the launch of their site. The father/son team, who were creating a digital expansion of a longtime existing family business, had the following concerns:

  • Website development company had created a very pretty, but also very search-engine-unfriendly website that would not appear well in organic search results.
  • Their paid search advertising campaign, which the website development company had charged them for, but never fully developed, was going to do nothing by waste their limited advertising budget.

The Success Factors:

  • The site, launched after a complete SEO overhaul, began ranking for quality, revenue centric head and long tail search terms for a variety of products at an accelerate pace.
  • The revamped paid search campaign on Google AdWords launched effectively and efficiently, becoming the company’s chief source of advertising-based revenue.

The Secret Sauce:

Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Amplitude Digital performed a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) audit of on-page and potential off-page issues, reviewing content, site architecture, and inbound linking strategies to determine problem and success areas.
  • Performed a comprehensive paid search advertising campaign audit on previous agency’s AdWords campaign to determine what could be saved and what should be scrapped.
  • Created a wide-ranging roadmap of search engine optimization and paid search advertising campaign solutions and enhancements to get the site ready for launch and the Google AdWords campaigns ready for business.

Repair and Renovation

  • Complete SEO-based rewrite of title tags, meta tags, product copy determined by exhaustive keyword research for product sector and target audience.
  • Developed inbound link creation strategy based on existing press release and other promotion strategies.
  • Gutted and restricted paid search campaign based on PPC best practices and worked with clients on a keyword strategy that utilized clients’ expansive knowledge of product sector and our own experience with ecommerce based advertising campaigns.

Continued Optimization and Expansion

  • Amplitude Digital, which was retained for continued search engine marketing (organic and paid search) optimization, grew both the organic and paid sides of the companies search strategy through product expansion, holidays, and other important company landmarks.
  • As new product lines were introduced, Amplitude Digital advised the client on product copywriting techniques, link cultivation and stewardship, and other important SEO factors, assuring that the site would not fall out of favor with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • The paid search campaign for the company continued to expand, learning from itself, and continuously keeping and eye on profitability.