Worked with this legendary museum in 2013, after they were referred to us by a former client. One of the largest SEO projects we’ve ever worked on, the site was composed of tens of thousands of pages of content that drove advertising dollars for the museum along with visitation to the museum.

  • Low organic search traffic due to poorly optimized content and site elements.

The Success Factors:

The full audit of their website, which took several months due to the numerous pages of content, identified several issues that were holding their business back from the organic search greatness.  After presenting the findings to the company’s various stakeholders, we held a full-day education session on how to incorporate SEO into their daily activities to create SEO experts out of their site development and content teams

After a few months, the company organic search traffic start to increase.  By the end of the first year, they had more than doubled their traffic and it continues to grow to this day.  Furthermore, their content has improved enough that their page views per visitor also increased, which in turn increase advertising revenue.

The Secret Sauce:

Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science, it’s a collection of marketing and site development practices that any organization should make a part of their standard operating procedures in a time where search engines are part of everyday business.

Repair and Renovation

  • The site suffered from many, common issues that impede organic search friendliness, such as duplicate content, poor tagging, and product descriptions that focused on low revenue terms.

Continuous Optimization and Expansion

  • Constant monitoring of the organic search channel to alert their teams of any issues so that they can be repaired immediately. We also work with the content team on every new post and every new product description.