Mass Market Food Product Company

Brand Awareness Campaign for Mass Market Food Product Company Utilizing Display (Banner) Advertising, Paid Search (PPC) Advertising and Social Media Advertising Case Study:

We partnered with traditional media advertising agency Always On Communications to develop our mutual client’s first foray into advertising. We were tasked with increasing brand awareness and purchase intent for two house brands that appealed to two completely different target markets, all on a very tight budget.

The Success Factors:

  • Both brands enjoyed a massive increase in both brand awareness and purchase intent for the entire US market.
  • One coupon-based promotion was so successful that it actually cleared the shelves of multiple grocery store chains in one market.
  • Company returned for another annual traditional and digital media plan for the next calendar year with an increased budget.

The Secret Sauce:

Target Market Analysis and Strategic Planning

  • Based on client’s provided target, the agencies further expanded and analyzed the target market, honing in on their likes, dislikes, and media habits.
  • Developed a far-reaching brand awareness campaign that utilized print, display media on both targeted food related sites and ad networks, paid search on Google AdWords, and social media advertising on Facebook to drive target audience to company website and couponing opportunities.

Tracking and Optimization

  • Continually monitored campaign to dynamically assess and act on potential shifts in media budget to more successful areas.
  • Tested message, target audience, and other key areas to evaluate initial assumptions and further grow campaign into new, unforeseen areas.

Move Product

  • Created a regionally targeted digital coupon campaign for both brands that invigorated both initial and repeat sales.