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Amazon Advertising Management

Our Amazon Ads team is comprised of former Amazon employees, with expertise in Vendor Central and Seller Central. We develop and implement comprehensive paid search and display advertising strategies to help you find, attract, and engage millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their shopping journey.

With Amazon pay per click (PPC) paid search ads, you can get your products in front of the right customers immediately. By putting a little bit of ad spend behind your listings, you can quickly bump your products up to the first page of search results. Let our experts in Amazon PPC management guide you in the right direction.

Amazon Ad Types

Amazon gives sellers access to three different PPC advertising formats; Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand ads and Product Display ads.

  1. Sponsored Product ads let you promote individual product listings to consumers as they shop
  2. Sponsored Brand ads help drive awareness for your brand by featuring your brand logo alongside three of your products
  3. Product Display ads target shoppers as they are considering whether or not to add an item to their cart

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product ads are keyword-targeted pay-per-click ads that appear above and within search results and on product detail pages on both desktop and mobile browsers and devices. This ad type offers the most granular control over ad targeting precision and is a great Amazon PPC management tool for boosting your sales and product visibility.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Just like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands are keyword-targeted pay-per-click ads. These ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline and three of your product listings. Don’t offer at least three Amazon products? You’ll be unable to run any Sponsored Brand Ads.

Clicking on a Sponsored Brand Ad directs shoppers to one of two locations, either to a landing page that features a variety of your products or to your Amazon Store. If you are an Amazon Vendor and eligible for Amazon Marketing Services, there is a third option which lets you direct shoppers to any Amazon URL that houses at least three of your products.

Our Amazon PPC management team can help you determine which product listings to highlight and which of the available click-through options is best for your brand. Want to drive customers to an Amazon Store? We can help you get one up and running in no time.

Product Display Ads

Product Display ads appear on product detail pages and are targeted to individual products, product categories or shopper interests. These cost-per-click display ads aim to intercept shoppers as they are considering a competitor’s product and drive traffic to the advertiser’s product detail page, instead.

Our team will perform a thorough analysis to determine which targeting approach is best for your business. Once your ads are live, we’ll continue to monitor your progress and make tweaks to your targets as needed.

Amazon Advertising Costs

A recent study published by Rob Sieracki at Practical Ecommerce, the average cost per click on Amazon is rarely more than $0.35, making it more cost-effective on a CPC basis than search ads on AdWords or Bing Ads and comparable to some of the lowest CPC’s on Facebook Ads or Google display.

What Does Our Amazon Ads Management Cover?

Amazon Advertising: We develop and implement comprehensive paid search and display advertising strategies to help you find, attract, and engage millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their shopping journey.

Account Management: Work with our team of e-commerce experts to help improve your Amazon business. With holistic channel strategies, we improve operational efficiencies, increase share of voice, grow market share, and maximize sales.

Content Optimization: SEO optimized Amazon content that improves product discoverability and enhances shopping experiences improving shopper conversion.

Operational Improvements: We help brands better understand best practices, monitor operational performance, and construct ad implement operational improvement plans to grow operationally on Amazon.

Analytics & Reporting: Our team of experts develop custom reporting packages for each of our clients to help them track and understand every aspect of their Amazon business and clearly identify actionable insights.