PHP, MySQL, WordPress, HTML, jQuery… does it all sound like gibberish to you?

Staying on top of the latest web technology is hard when the Internet changes by the day. We can help you cut through the technology clutter and find an efficient, dependable way to present your company and its products to the world.

Our approach begins with your site visitors and what they hope to find or do on the site. Through careful analysis, research and design, we’ll find the right combination of look, function, navigation and content to deliver your message in the strongest possible way. We also set the stage for Google search dominance with our keen attention to SEO and keyword usage throughout the site.


Experience and Talent in Los Angeles Web Design

Our team has designed hundreds of websites for corporations and small businesses over the last twelve years. Amplitude Digital’s web sites are reliable, efficient and look great on any device, whether desktop, tablet or any type of smartphone.