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Many view social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as necessary for building brand loyalty. At Amplitude, we believe social media is one of the most underutilized sales and lead generation tools.

Social networks are the fastest and lowest cost way to generate leads.


Optimizing Social Media for Lead Generation

Many companies fail to see results however because they approach it the same way they do other traditional online advertising.

Companies should never forget that social is a two-way street.

It’s no longer all about attracting fans and followers—the appeal of social media marketing is gravitating more toward turning those fans and followers into warm leads. These leads are genuinely interested in hearing from you.


Social Media Should Be a Critical Part of Your Content Marketing

It is a peer to peer world today — people no longer trust the traditional information gatekeepers in the professional media to tell them what is true or important. They are increasingly seeking out original sources of information on your company, your products and your people.

This is the realization of a dream for many a marketer, who has traditionally only been able to reach customers indirectly through ads, mailings and independent media coverage. However, some companies are daunted by the idea of communicating directly with customers, particularly in public forums.

Done right, social media participation can build strong loyalty and support your customers in becoming your most passionate advocates. Good stories, insightful commentary and insider information will draw attention quickly to your brand and the quality of your expertise, greatly accelerating marketing efforts.

Blogging has come a long way even in just the last year. Publishing compelling news and up to date information can greatly enhance the usefulness and search engine ranking of your site. Cutting edge tools make it easy for others to access, quote and discuss your content, spreading your messages virally across the Web.