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SEO : Grant Langston is Modern Country Music

SEO : Grant Langston 1st Page Search ResultsThe web is a place where smart content strategy coupled with real credibility can turn industries on their ear… there’s no better example than our client Grant Langston.  We built Grant a powerful WordPress-powered, search optimized website last year and helped design a content strategy that makes it easy for him to stay current on the web and still have plenty of time to make great music.

Do a search for “modern country music” and you’ll only find one artist website listed in the first page of Google search results: Grant Langston.  A glance at his site stats shows that this search phrase is bringing dozens of new potential fans to his site every month… and the numbers are growing rapidly.  The secret to his success?  Great blogging content, which he adds to regularly whether at home on the road… everything from reflections on his life as an artist, updates from the studio, album reviews, reminiscences, shout outs to favorite bands, and much much more.  What fan wouldn’t love that level of connection with a great artist?

Of course, all this would be meaningless if Grant didn’t have the goods to back it up, but he is in fact leading the charge in Los Angeles and beyond with constant touring (here and overseas), tireless creative recording, co-writing, and more.

If Grant keeps this up, “modern country music” will soon be a badge of pride rather than fodder for eye rolling.  Langston’s honest, hard hitting, highly musical sound is miles away from your typical big country music — keeping the true attitude of real country alive in an industry that often seems to have abandoned its roots.

The role of a great artist today is more than just making amazing music and living the life — it is also helping to lasso in new fans through clever use of today’s leading technology.

Beautiful, unique web design + clever content is a winning strategy whether you are a country singer or a traditional business.

Let us know how we can help you claim your rightful place online.