In an age of digital distraction, finding your ideal customer online is a daunting problem:

  • Individuals use many devices throughout the day to find what they’re looking for: their phone, their tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer, even an Internet-connected TV
  • While online, customers are only open to commercial messages for short periods of time… and only in just the right context

This new reality is the turbo-charged equivalent of an age-old advertising challenge: how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Today, these moments are much faster and more fleeting than ever before.

“The consumer day consists of a number of micro-moments: checking box scores, shopping, watching video – some of which are highly relevant to advertising,” says Neal Mohan, Google’s vice president of display and video advertising. “Advertisers need tools to craft and show messages in the right context of those moments.”



Leveraging digital micro-moments is the new “Holy Grail,” for you and for your competitors:

  • New advertising strategies and targeting allow advertisers to identify fleeting moments of relevance to customers and focus advertising spend there
  • New digital data analysis tools allow advertisers to create a learning feedback loop to drive unprecedented, ever-increasing efficiency in spending and results



What does it mean to Own the Moment?


  • Anticipate key digital moments for customers
  • Help customers exactly when and where these moments occur


  • Stay relevant
  • Supply customers with action-oriented content they can use


  • Use digital tools to demonstrate credibility for company and products/services
  • Show ease of making purchases or taking next step

CONNECT THE DOTS: Measure and optimize messaging and media mix continuously


To truly Own the Moment, advertisers must:

  • Foster lasting online authority, trust and credibility
  • Collect and analyze reliable data showing where customers and competitors are online
  • Optimize message, budget and media mix to appeal directly to ideal customer at right moment
  • Develop high-quality, effective creative materials in support of messaging
  • Implement coordinated, aggressive advertising campaigns across mediums
  • Ensure consistency of customer experience and message across all devices
  • Identify and remove friction in the conversion process
  • Measure results precisely across all devices for additional campaign optimization
  • Drive continued loyalty and recommendation from past customers


Your company needs a sensible, efficient strategy to appeal to customers exactly when they need you the most.

When these fleeting micro-moments arrive, will you be right there, or will your competitor be there first?

Amplitude can take you there first.